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23 March
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Hey, I'm a high schooler. I attend Dana Hills High School, and am part of the art academy there called SOCSA (South Orange County School of Arts). I enjoy drawing and painting and other things concerning visual arts, writing, reading, comicking and yes, I do READ comics too.
I love communicating with people on the web (if you email/YIM/MSN-IM me I will most likely reply because I love to talk).
Hey, that's all!
abandoned places, acting like an idiot, action movies, angst, animation, art, arthurian legends, artwork, astronomy, australian accents, barenaked ladies, black clothing, body piercings, books, bouncy balls, british accents, buttons, caffeine, cannibalism, canon fan art, canon harry potter art, cats, celtic music, character torture, chinese astrology, clean harry potter art, comicking, comics, computers, constellations, demonology 101, dictionaries, disney, doodling, dragons, drawing, eavesdropping, fanfiction, fantastic creatures, fantasy, fencing, fog, foreign language, foreign music, friends, fruit, funny movies, geek culture, geek pride, geeks, goofing, greek mythology, green tea, hair dye, harry potter, harry potter puppet pals, hating tv, history, homestarrunner, horror movies, hugs, ice cream, illustration, illustrations, invader zim, irony, killer animals, kisses, kittens, latin, life, life drawing, lord of the rings, lost, lurking, mass extinction, maurauders, michael criton, mint chip icecream, music, my bed, mythology, naps, non-angst, oceans, online comics, orlando bloom, painter, painting, pants press, people-watching, photography, physiology, pirate socks, pirates, procrastinating, quotes, rain, reading, remus lupin, rings, rome, san diego comic-con, sarcasm, scifi, scissors, scottish accents, silliness, sirius black, sittin' in grass, sketching, sleep, slinking, snakes, sneaking, snooping around people's ljs, snow, spaghetti, spinning in circles, spongebob, star trek, star wars, stars, stickers, stories, storms, strong bad, stupid stuff, sushi, swimming, swords, tea, the bbc, the sea, the zodiac, tolkien, tom marvolo riddle, trader joes, useless information, viggo mortensen, villains, vintage, water, water polo, weaponry, webcomics, werewolves, writing